My Favorite Blogger of 2014!!!

What a wonderful surprise!!!
The most inspiring blogger I know, Finding Out Fibro surprised me this week with such a lovely post. I’m so humbled.
She has been incredibly supportive of A Body of Hope, and to be honest, so many of the posts here are because of her. She is so open and expressive with her life with chronic illness, she is so passionate about finding deeper meaning and purpose, rebuilding a new life inside of her changed body, and she shares so many dramatic insights along the way. Her energy and talent bounces off the computer screen and sets a fire inside of me, fueling my own writing.
She is so willing to open herself up and allow her light to shine.
Thank you so much for all of the beautiful words said about A Body of Hope. I’m deeply touched.
I hope all reading this will visit Finding out Fibro. She is a treasure.

Finding Out Fibro

My favorite blogger of 2014 is a woman who knows a lot about suffering and a lot about persevering and thriving in the face of chronic illness and pain. She has taught me so much, given so much of herself to others, and she is a prominent member of the online spoonie community who is constantly thinking of others and encouraging the people who need it the most.

In addition to being a stunning person, there is something wonderful about her writing, the depth of it, the strength of both her words and the strength that they bring to others.

A Body Of Hope has been helping me get started here and I would not have made the progress I have found without her!!! ❤ Go check out her amazing blog! See how real warriors are fighting pain and overcoming obstacles every day. Her writing is pure magic and brilliance…

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About abodyofhope

I do not know why it is that we must wade through tragic circumstances to find truth. We nearly drown! But under the water, there are pearls. I hope in writing this blog, more will come to the surface. Over the past 15 years living with chronic pain, patient advocacy has had a powerful effect on my life through meeting so many remarkable teens, women and men: SURVIVORS. These individuals are HOPE personified. I wish to honor them in the same spirit they have encouraged me to press on. Eight years ago, I became bed-bound from a variety of secondary chronic illnesses. A procedure meant to help the pain condition I had been managing for several years- went bust #BIGTIME. Over the years, my entire life has changed. I have changed, but I am still striving to live my best life possible. Along with sharing inspiring pieces about spiritual wellness and finding quality of life inside of ongoing illness, I also share health research, awareness information, poetry, memes, art, and this blog is also an attempt to put my own pieces back together. Welcome to A Body of Hope, and thank you for visiting. [Complex Regional Pain Syndrome/ RSD, Postural Orthostatic Tachycardia Syndrome (POTS), Dysautonomia, Chronic Intractable Migraine, Cluster headache, Trigeminal Neuralgia, Occipital Neuralgia, Hypersensitivity to Sound & Light, Fibro, CFS/ME, Cerebrospinal Fluid Imbalance......blah, blah, blah] >>> P.S. My headgear is protective for pain. I just rock it hard ;)

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  1. You just made my head explode a little bit, in the most wonderful way possible! I feel like I’m visibly glowing with happiness the same way I normally feel like people should be able to see the pain arcing over and off of my body.

    I know you’ve been frustrated by your limitations, and in typical fashion, you feel worst this time of year about not being able to give others the beautiful handmade presents you used to made, but I want to say for the record that this is the sweetest, happiest, most thoughtful gift I have ever received, any time of the year. Thank you so much for this incredible Christmas present. See, you’re still making handmade gifts left and right. As I know for a fact I’m not the only one you’ve set time aside for in order to make them feel loved, special, and needed, Just one of the many, many reasons I love you so much! ❤

    There has not been much solid for me to grab onto this year and say "I am so lucky to be included," but your friendship is the one part of my life that draws me out of very dark places and lends me the strength to be honest, to be accepting of the love of others, and to not fear so much to reach out to people. Before I met you, I assumed that most of my writing would be a whiny mess of "woe is me, my life is over", because that's how I felt at the time. I knew there was something better out there, but I had yet to meet one single person who could show me what that meant. Until you. You take what is here and now in your life and weave it into pure emotion on the page, and your writing often leaves me breathless, (or in the case of your sassier posts, trying not to fall out of my chair, grinning and laughing out loud to myself for hours).

    I know it has been hard for you to find things to be grateful for this season, but maybe that's because it's your turn to be appreciated. I know your family and your friends are so very grateful for you, for the loving, determined, smart, kind, beautiful woman who has fought through so much, too much, I do not know how you've done it, I do not know how you gotten so far and made so much with so little, but you are a shining inspiration. I'm so lucky to be able to call you a dear friend. Your family is so lucky to have you, Though the journey is overwhelming and grueling, and pain is a constant visitor, you never give up. And while you're busy not giving up, you also light the way for those of us, like me, who felt like there was no point in even starting the journey. If I had not met you, I would still be so stuck, would still be in so much more distress, isolated, causing myself and others so much more pain out of my own confusion and fear.

    Instead, since I was so blesses to get to know you, and to be supported and loved by you, and since you shed light on what I could not see before, I started writing about the good that was left. And then to my surprise, I started to actually live with more gratitude. I stopped walking around the house in a daze, repeating over and over that I wanted to disappear. Everything changed when I met you. I think it's only fair that you know that, especially since this month has been so hard on you.

    Without you there would be an awful lot less light in the world, and especially in my world.

    Love you so much sweetheart, and once again thank you for absolutely everything. ❤

    I just…. can't stop blushing!!!! And I'm still grinning stupidly even though it's hurting my face! 😀


  2. Jessi,
    Ok, what is all of this water coming out of my eyeballs?!
    You are the one who made MY head explode with so much love you keep sending my way. I can’t even believe you… You are like this light inside a lantern and if anyone touches it, the light bursts and fills whoever is nearby.
    Thank you so much for writing such a heartwarming post. I’m still stunned by it and not sure what to say.
    You are the one who has brought so much more to the past few months than I ever could have predicted. When I started, it was to help my brain gain more clarity. You have provoked so much thought in me, challenged me in so many ways, and you continue to encourage me and others with your inspirational writing and through your thoughtful, supportive comments.
    You are truly a treasure.
    I believe God has placed you in my path and I am so thankful to be part of your journey. You are an amazing, beautiful person and I just wish you were not in so much pain, friend. Every day you grow and share so much of yourself. I just feel so very privileged to call you friend and to have the opportunity to read your story.
    Lifting you up in prayers of thanksgiving. My angel, my muse 🙂
    So very grateful to be going into the new year with you for a new friend and writing inspiration.
    Thank you again, Jessi. I’m overwhelmed by your gracious words.
    Merry Christmas, Happy New Year
    ❤ ❤ ❤

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    • I just love you so freaking much! I can’t compete with your beautiful comment so i won’t try. I don’t know why my addled brain did not see your response until today, but I do know we were certainly placed on a path together for reasons that will continue to bloom and grow throughout our friendship. My dear friend, I have so much to be thankful for now that you are in my life. I have been thinking of you so often, but i have been too depressed to risk being on social media for long. But the problem with that is that i have been missing you fiercely. I hope you are doing as well as possible, and that you are beginning to make a recovery from the holidays. Sending you a drawer full of spoons and soft virtual hugs. Love you!


      • Oh Jess, I’m so sorry to hear how down you have been. I wish there was something I could do or say to make you pain free and turn back the clock.
        I feel the same way about you and believe we have been put in each other’s path for a special reason. Already, you have colored my world, and made me excited about writing, at a time when my brain could barely form a sentence. You made me really want to work for it. I’m so grateful to you and your special page for being such an inspiration.
        Wishing I could give you a hug.
        Know people love you ❤
        Thank you for all of those spoons! Sending a whole dishwasher full back to you today 😉 xoxo


  3. Jessi is absolutely right about Body of hope! Well deserved! Sending a congratulatory gentle hug!! 🙂

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    • Kathleen, Oh my goodness! I still cannot believe she wrote all of those things about my page. My cheeks get red every time I think about it 🙂 You are just so very kind to say that!
      You are such a brilliant writer Kathleen, and you have this unique way of allowing your gentle warm energy to flow through all of your pieces. That’s a very special gift.
      I feel so humbled to now know artist/writers like you and Jesse who teach me through your words. Very thankful God has so many examples I can look to in my life like you strong, beautiful, talented women. Thanks so much!

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