What are the benefits of drinking Hydrogen Water? HFactor Water


When I had an opportunity to sample Hfactor Hydrogen Water, I was only hoping it would lower my dehydration level and switch up my normal water>>dehydrated>>water>> dehydrated>>cycle. However, once I began researching the studies on hydrogen rich water, I realized that Hfactor is more like a supplement than just a bottled water.

I have been given this product as part of a product review through the Chronic Illness Bloggers network. Although the product was a gift, all opinions in this review remain my own and I was in no way influenced by the company.

One of my conditions called Dysautonomia, causes me to be perpetually dehydrated. I drink a whopping 200 oz. of old fashioned H2O every day, and still, I remain dehydrated. Those with Dysautonomia are forever in search of fluids that will hydrate well and lessen fatigue, all without spiking or dropping blood sugar.

Many drinks that promise hydration or energy are also artificially sweetened, and are short-acting in benefit. Hfactor’s company website suggests drinking 2 packs per day. If this infusion of hydrogen water could turn my water guzzling into part time instead of full time, I’m interested.


According to my research, hydrogen infused water can improve circulation, performance, speed recovery, balance blood sugar, and lower inflammation.


Through digestion, the hydrogen acts as an anti-oxidant, fighting free radicals, and lowering inflammation. (Free radicals can damage cells and set off a negative chain reaction.)

Hydrogen infused water and saline have been studied in physical conditions and symptoms like muscle fatigue, periodontitis, pancreatitis, gingivitis, allergies, diabetes, cancer treatment side effects, bladder pain in Interstitial Cystitis, healing in severe burns, hypertension, brain injury, Parkinson’s, Mast Cell Activation, and all of these studies reported positive results.

In studies on patients, mice, and elite athletes, the hydrogen rich water ingested orally, affects the body through the digestion process. Though there are advantages of inhaling hydrogen, and from IV saline, it seems that during digestion there is a reaction to the hydrogen water which sets off a chain in the body, producing added benefits.

According to studies, the effects of hydrogen rich water are progressive. The longer and more regularly you drink it, the more improvement you’ll enjoy. The company, Hfactor, suggests drinking 2 waters each day, and always within 30 minutes of opening the package.


My first impression was HFactor’s packaging looks pretty rad and reminded me of Capri Sun from back in the day. The innovative packaging is designed to keep the tiny little hydrogen molecules from escaping (for all the nerds like me who needed to know). I wonder if there’s another benefit? If you have a child with an Autoimmune condition, Seizure disorder, or Diabetes, HFactor’s kid-friendly packaging and easy-to-sip-from straw might make this water more attractive to a child who would ordinarily only go for a boxed or canned (sweet) drink.

HFactor tastes like water. Crisp water, with no aftertaste or carbonation. Personally, since all I drink is water, I’m quite happy not to sip an artificial-tasting, sugary drink loaded with chemicals. Most beverages affect my blood sugar, but studies show that hydrogen infused water can actually help to control blood sugar.

I sipped 2 packs of HFactor every day for a week, and by the end of the week, I may have noticed my fatigue slightly lessening. It may have put a dent in my brain fog (cognitive disturbance), but it’s hard to say for sure.

On the down side, every time I had a package, it caused my intractable head pain to worsen, and some increased full body zappy action was telling me the water wasn’t a placebo. (I should note that many drinks do trigger my pain to increase.)

I am curious if this was a reaction to the introduction of hydrogen, and if I continued to drink Hfactor regularly over time, if the short-term worsening pain I experienced might subside? I like that the product is made in the USA, and the packaging has a low carbon footprint.

It’s meant to be torn open to place the straw inside, although with my fatigue and pain playing on high mode that week, I had to use scissors to cut them open instead.

At $3 per package, drinking 2 per day is something I would have to consider. If I were a coffee drinker or chugged sports drinks each day, I would easily be able to justify only $6/day extra.

HFactor can be purchased at http://www.hfactorwater.com/

HFactor Water has been recognized globally for their water and specially designed packaging. This is a quote from their 2015 FoodBev Innovation Awards acceptance press release: “Until now, previous hydrogen products in the global market were manufactured utilizing magnesium and chemical processes. Products were hitting shelves contained in packaging that scientifically could not maintain the integrity of their hydrogen-enriched claims.”


The most important take-away for me is that HFactor Water is an anti-oxidant rich drink, with anti-inflammatory benefits that may have the power to raise my energy over time, help balance blood sugar, and has more positive effects the more I drink it.

For me, this was just a fun opportunity to sample new water, and as I researched the benefits of Hydrogen Water, I realized that this is a real emerging health tool and I’m excited to share the information with you!


HFactor shares more research on Facebook  & Twitter  @HFactorLife

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