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To Survivors of Depression, Chronic Illness, Mental Illness, & Trauma

*trigger warning*

If you’ve been hit hard by suicides in the news this week, you are not alone. It’s crushing to learn that these two incredible artists have chosen to end their lives.

I don’t doubt that Anthony Bourdain was influenced by the passing of Kate Spade’s suicide just days prior. Kade Spade was influenced by Robin William’s death, according to Kate’s sister. Now, while it’s a common topic of conversation, address these issues with your friends and family so that together we can help end this pattern, spread awareness, shed light on issues that most often stay buried in darkness, and forever stop people from calling suicide “selfish” ever again.
Sharing our prayers and thoughts for their families and loved ones now.

Sometimes life feels impossible to carry on. Sometimes you feel there are NO OTHER logical options. Sometimes suffering is our only reality, and there appears to be no end in sight.

In depression or in suffering, your feelings lie to you until your own inner compass is off course. When your own thoughts and emotions are steering you into a storm, lean on facts as your anchor instead, or the lies of depression and pain can sweep you away.

-Things will change even when your mind tells you that nothing will ever be different.
-YOU MATTER, even if your thoughts tell you that you’re worthless right now.
-The world is BETTER OFF because you’re in it .
-Your life has purpose, even if you can’t always clearly see what that meaning is.
-You are lovable.
-You are loving.
-You are an important influence on people’s lives even if that doesn’t feel real to you today.
-You are MEANT TO BE here.

Depression can decieve you until you can’t even trust your own emotions. What might make sense to you one day, can be like the thoughts of a stranger on another day.
Depression isn’t only caused by mental illness, it can be caused by grief, by loss, by chronic pain, by trauma, by changes in your health, by a vitamin deficiency, by evironmental changes, or even small changes in your diet.
It can be a slow spiral, and sometimes you may not realize you’re living with depression until your brain has been lying to you for so long that one day you look around and feel trapped in your own story.
If you believe you might be losing control of your life, and worthlessness is heavy on your shoulders, please make an appointment to talk to your doctor asap.

Together you can create a plan to help you get on a path BACK TO YOURSELF.

*Your life is worth fighting for.

To talk to someone immediately, call your state’s Behavioral Health Department hotline to speak with a professional therapist day or night.

There is always hope, that’s a fact ❤

Round Up! or something….

I had to look up the definition of a “Round Up” newsletter since I’m new to this bloggy thing; this will be a little recap of the past few months: Best of links, What’s to come, and 7 Bizarre/Lovely blog things that have happened since I started up. And I’m also sharing a few favorite blogs again as I often like to do ‘round these parts (get it, western? Round up??).

Coming up: Is November. (Aren’t you glad I’m here to tell you that?) Well, November happens to be an Awareness Month I’ve participated in every year for 10 years, but THIS YEAR for RSD/CRPS Awareness Month, 3 cool things are converging:

  1. I am able to read and type again more freely.
  2. I just started a blog to share inspiring survivors stories on.
  3. I just got a new orange shirt to wear. Boom.

Not like awareness month is all about ME or anything… But truly, I’m very excited to be participating in awareness month as it’s so very important that people understand this disease is less rare than MS, Lupus, or HIV even though so many of the general public have not heard of CRPS/RSD. I hope you will enjoy what I have planned for November. It won’t be all about Complex Regional Pain Syndrome though. It will be about how we conquer pain from those who have beautiful inspiring stories to tell: and every person has to conquer physical or emotional pain at some point.

Being Thankful: Going into November, a time for showing our gratitude to others, I want to thank you, readers for taking the time to visit, leaving your encouraging thoughtful comments, and helping build a network around aBodyofHope. I’ve met so many warm, vibrant, talented individuals since I’ve been here at WordPress. You’ve inspired my writing and have made this a wonderful, welcoming process. For each Like on the page, I send you out a little mental Thank You Note.

Shoutout: I also want to thank my sweet beautiful poet friend, The Optimistic Cynic for nominating this page with One Lovely Blog award. She writes uplifting smart powerful poetry and creates remarkable artwork, so receiving an award from a blog like hers means so much. Thank you for your support and for the nomination! 4. Actually on the same morning she awarded me this, I awarded her a Leibster Award and we left messages for each other at the same time! It was a totally adorable blogging coincidence.

Another Lovely/Surprising Blog Thing: 5. I have not shared this yet, but just after posting my very first entry to this blog: How Robin Williams Saved Superman, I received a message from Robin William’s daughter Zelda thanking me for the kind post. She and her family read it and being the day after his passing, she said it meant so much to them. How did she get my first ever entry? Apparently, we have mutual friends on facebook, and it got passed along… You literally had to peel me off of the floor!

I tell you this now because Zelda Williams has had backlash thrown at her for nearly everything she has tried to say in the media and on social networking. It has been a disgusting display of human compassion and bullying and there is never an excuse for such behavior. Here is the hummingbird tattoo she got in honor of her father. I think it is a beautiful tribute. I just wanted to give Zelda a holler since she was so kind to me on likely the worst day of her life.

Zelda William's Tattoo Tribute. Hummingbird Tattoo. Inspiring Blogs for people with chronic illness

Zelda William’s Tattoo

Something Bizarre: 6. After I posted Crutch Life, a collaboration post with College on Crutches, we got a message from an admirer of ladies who live on crutches apparently… He specifically asked for pictures: “lots of pictures, full body, showing your crutches.” Eeeek!

A Blog Jinx: 7. A couple weeks ago, I posted my first article on POTS: My Toothbrush, My Trophy. I shared about how I had met an important goal and discussed some of my improvements I’ve made this year after the past few years of battling the disorder. Well, within an hour of posting it, my POTS and heart issues sent me to the Emergency Room. It was a total Blog Jinx! I feel like my body got the memo October was POTS awareness month and the memo was my blog post!!!

Call to Action: If you have an inspiring story to tell, if you are a sassy Spoonie, if you are a survivor, an artist, a poet or family member of physical/mental illness/disability and like to write, or if you would like to collaborate: please contact me at

I am Paying Forward One Lovely Blog nominations to:

Low Wire: Poet, short story writer, pilot, orphan, world traveler… This man has touched my heart with his words and his story. Here is one of his pieces I cannot get out of my mind: Sin Nombre

Defy Gravity: A young woman passionate about raising awareness for Dysautonomia and giving a voice to others with chronic illnesses.

Project Naked: A collection of stories submitted by women from all over the world who explore the relationships to their bodies. Consider submitting yours.

Escharae: A young woman sharing healthy, mindful tips, and an honest refreshing perspective on life with Multiple Sclerosis and chronic illness.

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Everyone have a Happy Halloween! If you are unable to go out to celebrate, I would love to hear what creative character you would have gone as. I love Halloween, even from bed. Thank you for reading!


I did my One Lovely Blog acceptance a bit different, but I never have been very good at following instructions (or rules). That isn’t my #8, that’s just bonus. If you want to accept your nomination, here are the courteous things to do:

– link back to the person who nominated you

– Post One Lovely Blog Award picture on the acceptance post or using a widget on your page

– 7 facts about yourself

– List a number of blogs you are nominating for the award

– Contact your nominees and let them know they have been nominated.


How Robin Williams saved Superman

In 2004 I read Christopher Reeve’s autobiography, Still MeI had recently been diagnosed with a neurological condition which was quickly crippling me at 22. And Superman had just died.

I didn’t so much read the book as I did listen to it on audio book. Christopher Reeve’s voice filled my car as he read his own words. I still remember how his breathing machine sounded as he gasped for air while still comforting me with his powerful life’s message of hope, courage and perseverance.

While Christopher Reeve’s autobiography is one of the most inspiring and memorable books I have ever read, this story is about Robin Williams and their friendship.

After the dashing hero’s tragic accident, he was in the hospital for months. He underwent a series of surgeries and it was clear he would never regain feeling or movement below his neck. In the days after, Reeve had lost all hope, yet he could not even take his own life, had he tried.

Superman’s best friend was a fuzzy little curly-haired man with sparkling blue eyes and enough energy to light up Manhattan. Robin Williams and Christopher Reeve had met long before either of them were recognizable. They were roommates in college at Julliard and remained best friends thereafter, supporting each other’s acting careers and their families spent time together.

Robin Williams appeared in Reeve’s hospital room, fully dressed in scrubs and a face mask, speaking in a Russian accent. “Time for your rectal exam!” Williams exclaimed. He spent the day visiting with Reeve and helping his friend regain the much-needed light he had lost.

In his book, Christopher Reeve wrote,  “For the first time since the accident, I laughed. My old friend had helped me know that somehow I was going to be okay.”

Reeve and his wife went on to change the face of spinal cord injuries along with the perception and treatment of paralysis through the Christopher and Dana Reeve Foundation. Robin Williams became involved in Reeve’s foundation, and they continued encouraging each other over the years. Williams took a greater role in the foundation after Reeve and his wife passed…what a great friend.

Ever since reading Reeve’s autobiography, whenever I would see Robin Williams, I thought: he may have saved his best friend’s life. And without that friend to penetrate the darkness and shine a light on the hope he could not grasp on his own, Reeve may have never started the foundation which has been a beacon for so many individuals. We all know Robin Williams for his abundance of sensational talents. However, I think I can take liberty in saying that those who he loved knew the kind of friend he was and the legacy of love he will leave behind with them.

My first entry is dedicated to Robin Williams and to friends who lift each other up out of dark places.

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