Steps to find a Pain Doctor

I was recently in a very scary predicament with finding a treating pain doctor that I know many pain patients have also been going through since the CDC guidelines were released. It was 4 months of hell looking for doctors who kept turning me down.
Just before my medications ran out, a new pain doctor agreed to see me… just in time! (It was like a miracle, and frankly, may have saved my life.)

**Every pain patient being prescribed opioids should become familiar with the new CDC guidelines which are available to read here.
If you are struggling to find a pain management doctor, first know that you are not alone in this desperate situation.

Here are some of the steps I took that might help you on your search:
1. Request your records
2. Ask for 3 referrals from your former pain doctor
3. Let all of your other doctors know you are without a pain doctor/meds in case they can help you temporarily with meds while you search, or refer you out
4. Contact your insurance company for a list of area doctors
5. Contact for a list of area RSD doctors. (They will always email you back)

6. Submit new patient forms online to the doctors on your list, call the doctors, call them back.
7. Expand your search to further away from home
8. Consider contacting Palliative Care (Home pain care for mostly bedbound individuals)

9. Call your insurance company and ask for the nurse care rep or social worker rep for help finding finding a doctor
10. If you have a physical therapist, let them know and ask if they can set you up with a medical social worker
11. Contact a state representative
12. Contact local media to share your story
13. Contact legal aid.
14. Don’t give up!


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