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Writing Challenges in November

November is buzzing with creativity among writers, bloggers, and in social media sharing as well; I wanted to take a beat to discuss some of the exciting projects I know to be converging in the writing community this month.

“NaNoWriMo” or National Novel Writing Month is currently taking place. Creative individuals have been preparing ahead, and now the task is at hand to write an entire book in one month! Can you imagine the focus?! If you are participating in NaNoWriMo this year, or have done it in years past, please comment and let us know what it was like for you. I can’t even focus on this sentence right– wait what?

This November, many writers who blog are taking on the challenge to post an entry every single day of the month. To keep up daily interesting content with images, links, and maintain visitor interaction is quite a commitment for most bloggers. But it is a challenge meant to stretch and strengthen. Many bloggers are doing their best work right now, so please support your favorite bloggers this month (but seriously, don’t leave me… I have abandonment issues.)

Gratitude writing challenges are popular with writers as well as on social media to celebrate Thanksgiving. Throughout November, you will likely see more articles and posts from your friends about being thankful. I support anything that increases one’s ability to look more deeply at the good in others. Do you believe gratitude challenges create more overall gratitude year ‘round? Are you participating in a grateful challenge this year?

In my social networking community and blogroll, November is Complex Regional Pain Syndrome/RSD Awareness Month. Many of my Chronic Pain friends are taking part in daily photo challenges, sharing daily facts/infografics about CRPS on Twitter/Facebook/Instagram, and sharing stories about their journeys.

On this page, for November I’ll be sharing stories of survivors as always. This month there will be a focus on Complex Regional Pain Syndrome as I’ve been an advocate for this disease for about 10 years and awareness is important since it isn’t rare, yet there isn’t enough general knowledge or research being done for treatments. All of the CRPS stories shared during this month will be linked under the new category RSD/CRPS in my categories dropdown section. Even though I am raising awareness for one illness in particular this month, I hope you will find the overall messages will be encouraging and inspiring. I know there are other important events in November like: Cancer Awareness Month (MoVember), Epilepsy Awareness, Alzheimer’s Awareness, and National Caregiver’s Awareness Month as well as others that writers will be educating us on this month.

(PS, MoVember is my favorite awareness month because I’m a big fan of facial hair– on men. Not lady facial hair. Not judging or anything…)

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Whether you are a writer, a patient advocate, showing your gratitude this month, or trying to educate others on something you care about, I wish you: Passion, Growth, Gratitude, and Perseverance.


If you are participating in a writing challenge or an artistic group project this month that I did not mention, please do share in the comments section! 

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