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If I Ask You For More: poem

~If I Ask You For More~

If I ask you for more, are you sure that’s ok?

Will you break into pieces?

Will you just blow away?


If I ask you for more, are you sure that’s ok?

Will it eat up inside of you until your heart turns gray?


If I ask you for more, are you sure that’s ok?

Would you think me a burden and pack me away?


If I ask you for more, are you sure that’s ok?

If I’m not the same person, will you leave or you stay?


If I ask you for more, will WE be ok?

Can you just take my hand and sit with me today?

a Body of Hope


Today is Caregiver Appreciation Day. Let those who have supported you along your journey know how much they have meant to you.

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Thank Your Caretaker Day

thank you poster | Say Thank You to your Caregiver on November 13th #Spoonie

thank you poster

This month is National Caregiver Month; November 13th, thank your supporters, family, nurses, and full-time caregiver.

When we are so focused on survival, pain and illness, we can feel as though we are going this journey alone. But illness always touches those who love us. They are strong for us and wouldn’t want us to know how they are effected by our pain, but it hurts them to see us suffering. Many carers and family members say that they would take on the pain of their loved one if they could. We of course would never want that.

In collecting stories, I tried to get contributions from caregivers; however, none volunteered. When I brought this up to my husband, my own full time carer, he said he understood why:

Him: “No offense, but I wouldn’t want you knowing how all of this has effected me. That’s probably why no one wants to share.”

Me: “You think they would be afraid it would hurt their sick loved one?”

Him: “Some things we have to keep to ourselves. It’s just better for everyone that way.”

Me: “I guess it’s the same reason I haven’t invited you or my family to subscribe to my blog. It’s not that I’m saying hurtful things about you. But I don’t want you knowing more about my pain after seeing it every day.”

So that’s as close as I got to a caregiver contribution. They are in the trenches with us. If we are warriors, then so are they. If our lives have changed without choice, then theirs have as well. The difference is that they can leave and we cannot. But if you still have people around, they have chosen not to leave, they continue to love you through all of this craziness with your health… then tomorrow, November 13th, please join me in saying “thank you!”


In comments, please let me know how you said thank you to your caregiver and supporters. Post any special message about your caregiver for the world to see. We would love to hear it!

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