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CDC hears from Twitter on Opioid Controversy

In the last month, social media has been flooded with articles and blog posts regarding the proposed CDC guidelines to restrict prescription pain medications in the U.S. as an attempt at quelling addiction and overdosing. The controversy is that they are sacrificing those suffering with serious pain and illness for those suffering from addiction disease. Instead of sharing my letter(s) to the CDC with you, I am hopeful these short statements and commentaries from Twitter will encourage you to write your own comments to the CDC today. Each of us has a unique perspective, and story; yours is too important not to share!

Today and tomorrow (January 13th at midnight) are the last days to comment to the CDC. Leaving a comment is very simple, just include Docket #2015-0112 and type your comment here. You can even choose to remain anonymous.

Tweets by :
-CDC I believe Addiction and can be fought simultaneously! These restrictions will only lead to compounded suffering.
-CDC I’ve been on the same dose of for yrs without requiring an increase. No tolerance. No euphoric high. Surprised?
-CDC If humane for those suffering in the US is not an option, we will have to legalize
-CDC says that opioids should be “last resort to treating chronic pain,” however invasive treatments can cause many of us with neurological disease to worsen.
-CDC patients treat our medication with the same seriousness with which we regard our disease
-CDC People with are afraid to take pain meds, not bc of addiction or overdose, but because of Social Stigma.
-CDC Why are you using addiction research to base your opioid guidelines? Less than 5% of patients become addicts.
-CDC You wouldn’t want your dog to be in this much pain. Veterinarians have fewer restrictions!
-CDC: If you restrict pain meds, it will lead to more DIVORCE, PEOPLE OUT OF WORK, SUICIDE.
-CDC One is not addicted just bc they are dependent. A diabetic is dependent on insulin, he is not an addict
-CDC People in pain HATE being on pain meds. We hate pain MORE, & love life too much not to try to do whatever possible to function!
More Tweets regarding the CDC guidelines:
-@ Still don’t understand why the head of the CDC believes lack of evidence is evidence. Amazing! People in pain deserve more.
Jan 11 As of 11:59 pm last night the has received 2450 comments on their Proposed 2016 Guideline for Prescribing [opioids]
You have no idea how frightening the thought is of my pain mngmt being taken away!
  professionals: Comment on new CDC Opioid Prescribing Guidelines. Impact on patient care?
  implemented pain med guidelines B4 it’s passed! Why is nobody talking about this?
 @ We have good literature on predictors of OD with prescribed opioids for pain. Dose is one of many. CDC guideline ignores all others
-@ Trying to read the comments on CDC opioid guideline. Stunned by # of comments about teen opioid Rx leading to addiction…
-@ Bob Twillman, Head of major US pain management organization recently said this: “@BobTwillman Unless/until I see evidence that opioids work for fibromyalgia, I agree that they should not be prescribed for it.”
-@ We have an opioid problem in the U.S. How should chronic pain + opioids be handled? CDC wants your thoughts!
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